Gucci began developing watches in the early 1970s and then becoming one of the world’s leading producers and distributors of fine timepieces. Gucci develops and designs wonderful watches thanks to its rich heritage, its fashionable & classy values and Swiss watchmaking craftmanship.

Gucci Watch

There are so many Gucci watches that it is hard to choose only one! Fabric, leather,   rubber, stainless… Gucci designs watches for all women, so to suit all tastes : piece of jewerly, for sports activities or for outdoor life.

Gucci Watch - Epykomène

Gucci Watch - Epykomène

Many Gucci watches are more pieces of jewerly than time pieces. Indeed, it mixes elegances, design and luxury. You just have to put it on your wrist and your outfit is highlighted perfectly.

Gucci Watch - Epykomène

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At Epykomène, we always love Gucci for its simplicity, modernity & elegance, Gucci that is always fashionable at the moment.

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