Guo Pei, famous for more than 20 years in Chinese fashion industry, positioned themselves as the first “Haute Couture” designer in China. But everybody know that Haute Couture is Parisian and only Parisian. So let’s call Guo Pei Couture  and there are amazing fashion pieces in it.

Her design works represent in the best way the extravagant dream for women and make customized-design for the female movie stars.


Graduated from the first fashion school in the early 1980s and she was awarded as one of the best ten designers of China in 1995.

Afterwards, she decided launch her business in haute couture industry in China discovering that sophisticated raw material was the most important and prestigious thing for haute couture, that became the soul of its design.

Embroidery is the most special skill for Guo Pei, of which Phoenix nirvana and mini flower embroidery are the most dedicated ones.

£¨ÎÄ»¯£©£¨5£©¡°ÁúµÄ¹ÊÊ¡±Ê±×°·¢²¼¾ªÑÞ¾©³Ç £¨ÎÄ»¯£©£¨9£©¡°ÁúµÄ¹ÊÊ¡±Ê±×°·¢²¼¾ªÑÞ¾©³Ç £¨ÎÄ»¯£©£¨4£©¡°ÁúµÄ¹ÊÊ¡±Ê±×°·¢²¼¾ªÑÞ¾©³Ç

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