Ghana is the second largest economy in West Africa, known for his exportation in raw materials, but the country is also good in the luxury sector. Do you know the brand Heel the World? You should !

Heel The World also known as HTW is a small company that manufactures leather shoes for men in a residential area of Accra, in Ghana.

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Despite not having any real knowledge about the market, Fred  Deegbe, who was a banker at the time, The high-end shoe company Heel The World. “We started buying machines (and) brought them over to the house,” says the young entrepreneur, who launched the company from his parents’ garage. “We had no intentions of starting the factory in the house, but one thing led to another and we just had to start.”


The young entrepreneur wants to prove that quality shoes can be made in his country. The company imports materials from abroad but all shoes are crafted by hand locally.

 HTW has also started producing accessories such as so-called “empowerment beads”, some handcrafted creations made of glass and brass.


Check the website for more details !

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