During Baselworld 2016, Audrey Kabla and Bénédicte Le Bihan from Epykomène agency, House of Luxury marketing and French know-how, had the chance to see new timepieces of the brand HYT.

We have chosen to interest us at the new time keeper named Skull Bad Boy, which is a limited edition : there is only fifty products available all around the world.

The particularity of the Skull Bad Boy isn’t its skull, but the black colourant which surronds the skull : that required one year of development! This black colourant developed by HYT is a chemical prowess : in fact, it was created to not mix with other elements of the watch : the movement for example. The skull is in steel from Damas, and the bracelet in alligator leather.

HYT-SkullBadBoy-Mush-300-RGB - Epykomène

Epykomène - Baselworld - HYT - Skull Bad Boy

By Bénédicte Le Bihan Bénédicte-Epykomène-Epyblog