Eating well and good in an airport, it is possible. This is the challenge faced by the Charles de Gaulle Airport and Guy Martin for the new restaurant “I Love Paris” . Located in the cleared area , this restaurant is appealing lovers of French cuisine.

Charles de Gaulle appealed to the head of the three-star Grand Véfour : Guy Martin . I Love Paris, this is the name given to this restaurant ‘s ambition is to honor French cuisine by proving that one can also eat refined in an airport.


I Love Paris, conceived by architect and designer India Mahdavi, is a food court designed around three offers: an upscale sandwich shop, a champagne bar and a 70-seat restaurant. Whether you prefer classic fare (blanquette de veau, pot-au-feu) or more adventurous dining (veggie burger, mango carpaccio, blue lobster), head to Hall L at Terminal 2E.

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By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog