If you always dream to travel on a extraordinary boat, cutting blows of all admirers, this article is made for you. Truly creative, the Vasily Klyukin design may impress some of you but disgust others. The Russian businessman plans to unveil 6 unique yatch concepts during 2014. 


The vessel with the more performance is called the “Blue Bird” and has an aerodynamic and stylish design. And its technical capabilities worth the look !

yatch vasily

For originality, the White Swan is the one which stands out. Certainly one of the most recognizable ships in the world, it owes its name to a unique design with a rear “tail” which functions as an heliport.

yatch vasily

The most mundane is without context the Manhattan. It is an imposing modern yatch which corresponds perfectly with cities like New York or Dubai.

yatch vasily

For tradition and nostalgia, opt for the Mississippi which has a large central wheel that instantly reminds us of the old steamers of the 19th century.


To dream that you are the villain in an action movie, choose the Red Shark yacht with its bold and menacing look. It has a length of 246 feet and makes us think of imaginary and dangerous creatures  of the depths of the ocean.

yatch vasily

So, which one is your favorite ?

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