“Thank you Sabine for this first & superbe 2012 interview! I really appreciated the time you spent explaining the core business of  l’Académie du Luxe & I loved visiting your amazing business environment. All the Best to you & Dominique Harnois for 2012!” – A. Kabla

You are working for Académie du Luxe in Paris. Can you please explain us the main activities of the company you work for & your position within it?
Académie du Luxe is a training company specialised in gemmology, watches and jewellery, art of selling, merchandising in watches and jewellery and intercultural.

Our main activity is to train people from marketing’ department trough sales force, in order to give them insight, strength to sell better and also tell story about the brand they belong to or about gems. They learn about the precious gems and all the gems family.

How has your career evolved through time?
Graduate of an International MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia, I began my career at Ernst & Young as Coordinator “Knowledge & Marketing.”

Then I joined the Cabinet Mazars as Responsible for Operational Marketing strategy for the public sector.
Since 2007, seeking a new direction in my career, I undertook successfully a second MBA “Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management.”
Fascinated by the world of luxury, I joined Pole Luxe, a training company specialized in Luxury and retail, and accounts for prestigious houses in the Place Vendome.
After an experience at Mauboussin as en Event Manager in the flagship store, I became responsible for training development within ABC-Luxe, leading information site for luxury professionals.
Dynamic Vice President of Alumni Sup de Luxe, I organize the exciting discoveries of the great heritage of luxury homes.
In charge of business development of the Academy du Luxe, I also runs workshops on the history of luxury as well as training courses on the art of Sale, the Art of selling in luxury universe and cultural differences in luxury.

Académie du Luxe is training within Luxury brand corporations. Can you please explain us the training process?

We have different kind of proposals : THE INSTITUTIONAL RENDEZ-VOUS The « thematic » trainings :

-Basic Initiation to Gemmology ( 5 days )
-History of Jewellery ( 5 days )
-Rendez-vous around a gem ( 3 hours )
-Technical culture in jewellery ( 4 hours )
-The metals : from their natural state to the surface effects  ( 4 hours )
-Historical and technical culture in watchmaking ( 1 day  )
-A workshop of dismantling and reassembly of watch movement ( 4 hours )
-History of Merchandising and the Golden rules to set up a display ( 1 day )
The « operational » trainings :
-Evolution of the Luxury Universe : From Louis XIV to nowadays ( 4 hours )
-The Art of selling in the Luxury Universe : codes et technics ( 1 day )
-Luxury Attitude in a boutique ( 4 hours )
-Chameleon Syndrome : all you need to know about your foreign clients ( 1 day )
These types of missions are based on the specific needs expressed by a Brand for one person or a team. All fundamental subjects are covered especially in the spirit of a luxury brand.
The main subjects of training :
– Accompaniment of a High Jewellery launching,
– Gemology ( gems used through the collections )
– History and technical culture in jewellery,
– History and technical culture in watchmaking,
– Initiation to Gemology for an operational use,
– Heritage and spirit of the brand,
– Structures of collections,
– Visual Identity and Merchandising,
The trainings are made in French or in English, most of the time in the luxurious environment of the Académie du Luxe or in situ, in France or abroad.
In addition to the “sur-mesure” trainings, l’Académie du Luxe proposes monthly Institutional rendez-vous and cultural conferences around the Luxury Universe, dinners-debates about a new book, private parties around young and creative designers in jewelers or from the other universes of the luxury.

Can you please give us a few examples of the « top » brands you worked for?
Because of the confidentially, we can only say that our clients belong to LVMH or Richemont.

Some people from Dinh Van, Hermès, Swarovski have also participated to our institutional training sessions.

To you, what is the uniqueness of Académie du Luxe compared to its competitors?

Our difference : “sur-mesure” training and a cultural dimension

– Combine pragmatism and efficiency through a historical approach to the business, a immersion in the heritage of the brand and the culture associated with technical trends of the market for creative programs tailored to the needs of the teams.
– Striving for Excellence teams to make them as effective in the knowledge of their home as in the technical explanation of a collection of jewelry or watch and encourage the development of performance.

If you could compare Académie du Luxe with another Luxury product brand what would it be?
We can compare Académie du Luxe as the Diamant Bleu : unique, rare and exceptional!

Let’s talk a little bit about you now! Where does your passion for training come from?
To be honest, when I did my second MBA, I’ve never thought of doing training.

Has Luxury always been an obvious specialization for you?
Absolutely not ! I was raised and educate with books and culture. Luxury was like a sweet dream…Then I realised that whenever you want to do something, you have to do it !

How do you plan your career to evolve within the next 10 years?
It is a difficult question, but interesting one! The luxury environment is constantly evolving. Asia and more particularly China will be one of the place to be to teach people how to sell luxury goods.

My most important project within the next following years is to have a baby and combine my passion of working and transmit my passion to international people.

Which character real or imaginary, death or alive, would you like to have as a client? I like this question !
I have a special respect and admiration to Karl! Karl Lagarlfeld, of course!
And I would be very proud if Epykomene participate to one of my training.

What is the part of your work you appreciate the most?
The most exciting is first of all to meet new people in new environment and then to design a training responding to their need.

Which quotation do you take as a mantra in life?
When you really want something, you have to reach your goal. Give yourself the means to succeed in your project. Go forward.

If you were to anticipate the end of your career book, which would be a good epilogue?
Have worked for all the most prestigious luxury brands and give them my passion.

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Audrey Kabla