Have you ever tried this new Foodtruck generation, coming directly from Japan. This is just Crazy, if you like discovering new country by the mean of gastronomy, don’t hesitate anymore and run into their website to see their next locations.



Atsu Atsu means “Hot Hot” in Japanese, and can also dexscribe the passion in a relationship. And I think this notion sticks perfectly with this intense flavour and texture of the dishes. You will have the choice between TAKOYAKI and OKONOMIYAKI.



Takoyaki is a delicious japanese dish, created in 1935 by  Endo TOMEKICHI, in Osaka. Litteraly, it means “grilled octopus”. Its tasting is such original, and will convince you to know more about Japan and perhaps invest in your first trip there.


Okonomiyaki obeys just to one rule ” Grill what you like”  and inspires me a lot because you can for the first time try new combination of grilled food never experimented.  Several way to cook it, “Kansai cooking” or “Hiroshima cooking”,  but I don’t want to destroy your own discovery…


If you are interested, do not waste your time anymore and Check Atsu Atsu website.
Audrey Kabla