Today we want to talk with about a new kind of Jewellery Luxury House which breaks traditional codes from the Jewellery sector. Let’s me introduce you: Jaubalet Paris!

Luxury jewelry maker and on line jeweler, located 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, Maison Jaubalet Paris provides you with its traditional and artisanal know-how to handcraft jewelry.
Jaubalet Paris is a new interpretation of Luxury jewelry making: custom-designed ring, custom-designed engagement rings, custom-designed solitaire  ring. Become the designer of your own jewelry.

Maison Jaubalet Paris was born from the encounter with master jewelry designers and craftsmen aspiring to share their passion of luxury jewelry making and desirous to have others discover the know-how and expertise of the tradition of French fine jewelry making. Marketing and outrageous costs are over and done with! Our direct distribution by Internet allows us to offer very attractive prices, well below those charged by other Place Vendôme luxury jewelry brands. Affordable luxury!

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By Hampig Khoshian &  Chloé Gosselin