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Do You Know That The Best Restaurant In The World Is French?

Well, according to the list of the “50 best restaurants in the world” in 2019 by The World’s 50 Best, the one to get the first place is the French restaurant of Mauro Colagreco : the “Mirazur” located in Menton in the Maritimes Alpes.

Despite France’s reputation for luxury this is the first time that a French restaurant has won the title since the creation of this ranking established by the British magazine specialized “Restaurant” which is the most popular of the world gastronomy.

Native of La Plata in Argentina, when Mauro Colagreco arrived in France in 2001 he was trained by the best chefs such as: Bernard Loiseau in Bourgogne, Alain Passard at L’Arpège in Paris and finally Alain Ducasse at the famous Plaza Athenee.

But what’s so special about it?

A free, creative and respectful cuisine

Beyond being located in an idyllic setting between sea, land and mountains, and offering fresh, healthy and respectful dish, the superb restaurant offers an “incredible experience” with creations that renew every day. The chef is “Inspired by the sea, the mountain and the fruits and vegetables grown in his own gardens, Mauro invents clean, pictorial, colorful plates that play on bold textures and combinations.” The 2019 Michelin Guide describes the cuisine of chef as a “unique and daily anthem with aromatic plants, flowers, vegetables from his vegetable garden, citrus fruits, his inspiration does the rest, and allows him to transcend the seasons and the region”.

The best dish of the chef ?

Beet is in the spotlight! A beetroot that he grows in his vegetable garden after two seasons in the ground, cooked in a crust of salt, that he emerges in carpaccio and covers with caviar. Finally, to break luxury codes it serves bread as a dish in its own right.

The price ? From 160 euros up to 260 euros without wines.

Visit With Us The Most Expensive Hotel Room In The World In Las Vegas

When Art meets Luxury

In the Nevada desert there is Las Vegas. Eldorado of all fantasies. There are hotels of all kinds and at all prices. In the race for exuberance and opulence, The Palms Hotel wins the medal. Indeed, the Maloof family, owner of the hotel, inaugurated this year the most expensive hotel room in the world: the Empathy Suite. Between suspended sharks, oversized pills graphics and a floor decorated with butterflies, the suite that the British artist Damien Hirst designed for the Palms Casino Resort  is waiting the most demanding customers of the world.

Damien Hirst who is he?

He is a contemporary British artist. His artistic practice explores the complex relationships between art, religion, science, life and death. He is known for his sumptuous creations related to pop culture and his famous animals preserved in formaldehyde and his skulls encrusted with diamonds.

The vision of the most luxurious suite in the world for Mr. Hirst?

 A 800m2, two story suite that includes two master bedrooms and an outdoor pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, as well as numerous lounges that can receive more than 50 people, massage rooms, a gym room, a relaxation room, a cinema, two bathrooms. Furthermore, there are six works of the artist in the suite. The most amazing is called Winner / Loser a work that confronts two impressive bulldog sharks in formaldehyde.

The price fort a night ?

100 000 dollars the night that to say 90 332,40 euros!

So, interested?

Fendi Ice Cream

It is already October, but don’t worry, summer is not yet over!

This autumn, the Italian house Fendi is playing the gastronomes with its exclusive pop-up in collaboration with the ice-cream maker Steccolecco in which it offers double F-stitched ice creams with the famous logo of the house. An exclusivity that you can discover until October 14 in the heart of Milan’s main station.

So, for you it will be coconut, passion mango or chocolate?

LVTV: Louis Vuitton Launches Its Own Channel

On IGTV and Youtube it’s now possible to discover the LVTV channel.

Since September 20, Louis Vuitton has launched its own channel to strengthen its owned media strategy for creating video content, its own Brand content.

But then what does this channel offer?

At a time when the main priority of Luxury customers is proximity and an exclusive relationship with the Brand, Louis Vuitton has created a chain in which it is possible to discover the Brand’s behind-the-scenes through 4 main axes: know-how, travel, the countryside and friends of the company.

A channel that offers a 360° vision of the Brand with exclusive content and original stories. The chain allows you to enter the most secret backstages in the world of Louis Vuitton and understand its DNA.

Interested? discover LVTV here

Republic of Coffee, the gourmet coffee shop

Republic of Coffee, so it’s a coffee first but you can also eat tacos and burrito, hence the mexican touch.

The place is really nice with its large glass roof, tastefully designed decor, efficient service, cool music, coffee is very good and pastries are homemade: blueberry cake, banana cake, cookie, lemon poppy cake … nothing that of the classic but who does the job very well.

And also Mexican with burritos, quesadillas, bowls and guacamoles with vegetables and organic fruits of the season. Sweet potatoes, kale cabbage, homemade chipotle, three peppercorn tofu, Oaxaca cheese, Chioggia beetroot … The ingredients are up to date but the result is as good as good. Besides, everything is beautiful at Republic of Coffee, who understood that a coffee should first think of his customers instagramers; after all, they are the ones who are often the source of word-of-mouth. Large canopy, Parisian furniture full of charm, white tiles and bricks for the walls, ceiling mirror, jars of flowers on the tables, impossible to miss his picture.








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