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Republic of Coffee, the gourmet coffee shop

Republic of Coffee, so it’s a coffee first but you can also eat tacos and burrito, hence the mexican touch.

The place is really nice with its large glass roof, tastefully designed decor, efficient service, cool music, coffee is very good and pastries are homemade: blueberry cake, banana cake, cookie, lemon poppy cake … nothing that of the classic but who does the job very well.

And also Mexican with burritos, quesadillas, bowls and guacamoles with vegetables and organic fruits of the season. Sweet potatoes, kale cabbage, homemade chipotle, three peppercorn tofu, Oaxaca cheese, Chioggia beetroot … The ingredients are up to date but the result is as good as good. Besides, everything is beautiful at Republic of Coffee, who understood that a coffee should first think of his customers instagramers; after all, they are the ones who are often the source of word-of-mouth. Large canopy, Parisian furniture full of charm, white tiles and bricks for the walls, ceiling mirror, jars of flowers on the tables, impossible to miss his picture.








Estelle Varillon

Petit Bateau unveils its “hut” rue de Sèvres

In his revisited shop in the Rue de Sèvres in Paris, Petit Bateau puts childhood and childhood back in the heart of its retail. In this place of 115 square meters which is adorned with moldings in the style of Haussmann apartments, a wooden mechanic structure brings the playful touch. A world that makes sense in the playhouse where, while waiting for their parents, children can read, color, have fun in front of the distorting mirror and try a series of digital games around the world of brand.

Always digital side, if the brand already proposed the “click & collect” in its shops, this new concept punctuated with touch screens can find the product of his choice and, if it is not available in store, to have it delivered by bike within the hour anywhere in Paris.

In this new concept, the brand / brand that celebrates this year the centenary of its flagship product panties also offers new packs recycled paper that reveals more clearly the shape of his underwear and t-shirts.


Mirae the new very feminine fashion brand

With 7 mini-collections a year, the designer Tara Jarmon, accompanied by her daughter and a stylist, launches Mirae, a new feminine brand, colorful and authentic.

They are three. First, there is Tara Jarmon, founder of the eponymous brand. Then there is his daughter, Camille Jarmon. And then Edith Cabane. Each gave a syllable of her first name to form the brand Mirae, launched April 7, she had no trouble seducing us.

All three have acquired their affirmed experiences in ready-to-wear at Tara Jarmon. Edith held the position of stylist, and Camille has made his weapons on the digital and retail component of the brand.

After studying business marketing in the United States, Camille Jarmon returned to France and moved to her mother’s Parisian home. Regularly, they find themselves in the evening around a glass of wine to talk about fashion. Accomplices, but especially ambitious, the two women are already drawing in their dreams the first fruits of their future brand to come.

After the sale of the brand Tara Jarmon, in September 2016 to the Italian company Ams Industries, the dream becomes possible. Just a year later, the three associates set up Mirae with the idea of ​​creating a 100% digital label, backed by Instagram, a new oracle of brand communication.

On their account @miraeparis, launched in February, the brand distills clichés of their first collection incarnated by sisters, such as a colorful moodboard that celebrates life, women, sensuality, greed, emotions … So many sons reds that build the DNA of the young brand on a daily basis.

In the first collection, launched in early April, there are about twenty references to the colors of the sun announcing the arrival of beautiful days around airy and floral dresses, jazzy pants with seventies influences and tops that are knit as desired. To complete this first series, the brand has designed a line of sandals at the passable heel and a velvet goat evening bag.


We can not wait to see the next collection!





Estelle Varillon

The first hotel Fauchon, all in pink and black

The upscale caterer at the Place de la Madeleine in Paris welcomed its very first customers to its hotel in early September. With the hotel business, Fauchon adds a new string to his bow.

Fauchon entrusted the lines of his first hotel to architect Richard Martinet. The address opened on Place de la Madeleine, where the founder of the brand, Auguste-Félix Fauchon was selling fruits and vegetables in 1886. A prime location, close to the department stores and rue Saint-Honoré, the Hotel Fauchon should attract an international clientele. The establishment has 54 rooms and eleven suites, each of which has been personalized with a unique style. Pink and black, flagship tones of the brand, do not miss the call. Guests can also be pampered at a Carita spa.

Anchored in the food trades, the brand put unsurprisingly on gastronomy to seduce its guests. For example, they will have the privilege of participating in private dinners in the presence of the Chefs of the Fauchon brigade.

The sweet and savory signature will be duplicated at Café Fauchon, whose terrace will offer a privileged view of the Church of the Madeleine. Hotel guests and passers-by will be able to eat there from breakfast to dinner, or even through a takeaway offer. 





Estelle Varillon

Cosmetics for men, a market in full transformation

Many specialized brands have hatched thanks to e-commerce and the fashion of the “hipster” bearded but neat, without to overshadow the giants of cosmetics. Cosmetics brands are not mistaken and multiply new products … as it has been the case for many years in the female department.

The most popular products for men are shaving oils, hair coloring, or depilatory creams.

Large groups often have mostly feminine brands, with masculine ranges coming later. Original brands, created from the outset for men, really have a card to play. In 2015, the men’s beauty market, or “grooming” (excluding shaving products, soaps, toothpastes and perfumes) accounted for global sales of € 17.4 billion, 30% more than in 2011, according to the Euromonitor research firm. However, this still represents less than 15% of the total cosmetics market in 2017.

In the United States, then in Europe, many independent high-end men’s brands have emerged in recent years, particularly in the field of beard care, often favoring a dandy and retro design, like the British: Captain Fawcett and Apothecary 87 or the young brand House 99 launched by David Beckham in collaboration with L’Oréal.

All of this made possible by the increased purchasing power of Generation Y men, who follow the trends put forward by celebrities who care about their looks, brings the concept of self-care to another level. The desire to be part of a way of life synonymous with success and well-being leads male consumers to barbershops and salons offering personalized services and care designed for men.






Estelle Varillon