Between the revival nineties and between the return of the logo, Le Bon Marché made some buzz during this winter feminine Fashion Week on 2018. The department store of the Parisian left bank launched its new big exhibition, from February 24th to the April 1st. Under the name code ” Let’s go logo “, more than hundred brands will be gathered, to which are added two big guests: Off / White and Lola James Harper.

As for what had been made on the theme of Paris in September, 2016 or on Italy the last autumn, a quantity of exclusive products are this time presses by claws around the theme of the logo (Céline, Carven, Guerlain, Roseanna, La Nouvelle, De Fursac).

A subject which seduced and inspired the brands which enjoyed diverting their logo, building up it to themselves one of any pieces, as Isabel Marant, applying it to products derived as Ami on a scooter’s helmet…  An offer which will be presented in a Ali Baba cave to the ground floor and which will be completely transverse for the first time: to the woman, child, including the accessory, the beauty and even La Grande Épicerie.

Le Bon Marché will also decline the theme of the logo through two other special installations imagined by two guests in the superior floors. We know some more about things on what will propose Virgil Abloh within the capsule designed for the occasion, except that he will have his own space and except that the theme of the logo fed already the work of the creator.

The outlines of the installation imagined by the second guest are more precise on the other hand: the label Lola James Harper. Founded in 2013 by the meddler Rummy Mekdachi and his wife Céline, this concept lifestyle produced at the same time by music, cosmetics, candles, photos, T-shirts silk-screened of the latter, but especially atmospheres. After dedicated him a corner, then to have confided him the birth of a coffee where we listen and sells vinyl on the first floor, Le Bon Marché will allow him to appropriate 300 square meters during the exhibition Let’s go logo.

Widening his range thanks to this theme, with a first proposal fashion brought to grow afterward, but also many of the other products in a spirit lifestyle refreshing, Lola James Harper gives it a foretaste of his next adventure: the creation of hotels. It is in a way the lobby of the first hotel Lola James Harper which will take place in the department store, with the furniture, a coffeeshop, a recording studio, a ground of basketball, a life-size test of the franchise which will develop Accor Hotels group with the founder of the brand before one year.


Estelle Varillon