In almost fifty years of career, Jean Nouvel stood out as one of the most original and most iconoclastic architects of his time. But few of his creations showed the ambition of the Louvre Abu Dhabi which opened its doors at the end of 2017.

Architect and renowned visual artist, he realized several times projects mixing architecture, art and exhibitions. He is the creator of the Museum of the Quai Branly and staged repeatedly the Biennial de Paris.

His intention for this project: is to propose one revisits of the Arabic traditional architecture which mixes light and geometry. Two notions the architect played with to create this impressive building. Jean Nouvel said: ” my first will was that this museum joins the culture, the history and the geography of Abu Dhabi, that he cannot be transplanted in Paris or in New York, but whether he is exactly thought for this site, finally, whether it is Arabic architecture of today. »

He has a powerful will to marry two strong elements of the Arabic architecture: the dome and the medina. The artist wished to play with white cubes with any dimensions to create a city with for each volume a room or an associated function. The spaces of exhibition extend over a total surface of 8 600 m2. Concerning this schemer dome 29 meters high and of an internal diameter of 180 meters, it is possible to admire it in all its scale from the first showroom. It is as to find itself under a shower of light distilled through the studed motive. What we retain after all of this architecture so particular, it is the game, the work between shadow and light.