“Leslie Tolédano is one of Epykomène independent associates. Hard-worker & successful, she loves her job and is not afraid of new challenges such as starting her own business. She had a lot to tell us about her new adventure &  it’s a pleasure to receive her today.” – A. Kabla 






Describe your project in a few words
I am a PR consultant and a copywriter. I represent people, places or even things… by building a PR strategy to help growing businesses and building reputations. I’m a free lance worker and I created my PR agency 6 months ago.

How did you get the idea & How did you plan it ?
I’ve been working for 6 years in communication agencies and during 4 years as a PR consultant in a business and technology service company called Logica.
During these years, I kept thinking about the opportunities provided by public and press relations that was emerging a lot in different ways to address the journalists : in social medias, in microblogs such as twitter, in different types of press…
I built a business plan to figure how and where I could expand my activities and I started to prospect different kinds of potential customers (marketing agencies, communication agencies, business companies, PR agencies…) to propose my services.


Which were the obstacles you had to overcome?
I think it takes a lot of will and courage to launch our own businesses. One of the most difficult thing is to be as confident as possible in the project we believe in so that the customers will also believe in you. And this is not easy when you start… But it comes with practice and a lot of tough work !

Where does your passion for communication come from?
Through the years I noticed that one of my strength was to help people communicate on themselves and on the projects they believed in. My biggest passion is definitely related to my need and my love to help people growing and improve themselves. I don’t know exactly where it comes from but I would say that this is a natural ability I’ve always had.

Describe your clientele & how you understand its need?
My clientele contacts me whenever they need to communicate around a topic but they don’t know HOW ! They are mostly companies from different areas and also people who want to become “famous” for who they are, what they did…

What is your process when you work a client ?
The first step is to LISTEN to them : what are their goals ? Why do they want to communicate on this particular topic ? What would be the main message they want people to know ?…
It’s all about choosing the media angle that will catch the journalists interest : it must be objective and backed by facts and figures. Then, I plan the right PR strategy that address the right kind of journalists.

What is your uniqueness ?
I think that the uniqueness that my customers recognize from my work is my ability to show empathy towards them and towards their projects.

How do you think your project will evolve in the next 10 years & What are your goals ?
My ambition is to keep my customers loyals by still working with me in 10 years ! For me, this is the best proof of credibility and professionalism.
I would also like to work for another type of customers such as politicians, sociologists… people who incluence a large target of people.

Let’s talk a little bit about you now! What do you do First thing in the morning ?
I’m not a morning person. That doesn’t mean I don’t wake up early because I do… but I just do not enjoy it. So the first thing I do when I wake up is reading the news on my iPhone for half an hour… In bed 🙂

If you could travel to another time/ period, which one would it be ?
1968 !

The name of your favorite Luxury hotel brand?
W hotels

The book or movie character you would be ?
Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill saga

What do you see first in a person ?
Their eyes

Into which other city of the world would you like to develop your activity?
London !

If your project were an animal what would it be ?
A fox

Which character real or imaginery, death or alive, would you love to have as a client ?
I would love to have the toughest cases as my clients, people who really badly need to reshape a personal image. Right now, it would definitely be controversial politicians that I’m not going to name.

Which quotation you take as a mantra in life ?
« The way we communicate with others and with ourselves determines the quality of our lives » – Anthony Robbins

If you were to anticipate the end of your life book, which would be a good epilogue ?
“The life is too short to be small.”