There is no discussion about it. Counterfeiting is ugly, illegal & a very low move. As a French person and a Luxury expert & aficionado, there is no grey area (it means opportunities for moderation) in this statement.

Counterfeit in French is “Contrefaçon” which literally means “against the hand-made, down with the creation”… yes I told you it’s very ugly!

Luxury counterfeit in the United States


The example of Wine & Spirits counterfeit


The abuse of French know-how & Luxury brands legitimacy

When will the U.S authority act on fixing this counterfeit problem?

The bottles I took in pictures are sold in a lot of big supermarkets (such as Pavillons in Los Angeles) and in independent wines stores in Chicago and New Yorks as well. I didn’t even need to look for a grey market or go to Chinatown.

I wonder when the U.S authority will act on this matter as like France, Italy or the UK, they are part of the World Trade Organisation defending intellectual rights & fighting again Brands counterfeit.

Let’s all be friends! 

I seem mad and I am a bit but let’s be very clear, I still love the United States very much! Let’s make it a better & more respectful world! #happywednesday <3