“I met Lionel in 2008 and understood quickly that we had strong common business interests. Lionel knows Luxury at its essence and shows it to us with its refined & niche Business Couture brand. Lionel nicely accepted to share with us a little of Tailleur Premium Paris universe…” – A. Kabla

Describe Tailleur Premium Paris in a few words for us:
On the boundaries of anonymous, standardised contemporary fashion, TPP dedicates itself to a personalised project where the concept and the respect of your individuality are at the heart of our activities.

What is your process when you create a new product for a client? How do you understand their needs/wishes?
Our unique objective is to satisfy our request and our clients’ wishes. From that we realize with us their dreams.
Then we involve spending a lot of time working with our tailor in our workshop. We would like to perfectly execute and sublimate our clients’ desires.

Who is your clientele?
First of all our customers are passionate who are faithful to fashions houses and are very hard to please, but more and more women hope for discovering the world of tailor-made in  a different atmosphere than tradition shop.

What is Tailleur Premium uniqueness?
Our concept’s peculiarity is to be able to realize wardrobes for all different customers’ life stage. Women have to feel comfortable when they come with men and when they want to discover the world of tailor-made which appear unfortunately as old-fashioned and outmoded.

What is the achievement goal for your project within the next 5 years?
We would like to develop our partnership with the brand “LOGO” and to propose a customizedoptic concept to complete our dress-making offer.

If you could export Tailleur Premium to any other city of the world, which one would it be?
If we could export Tailleur Premium, we would it be in London or New York.

If your product was a service, what would it be & if you can give a concrete example?
To know receive like “Georges 5” in Paris and transport our customers in another world like the house “LANVIN” knew how to do it in the past.

Let’s talk a little bit about you now! Where does your passion for Couture/custom built suits come from?
I have spent seven wonderful years in the doyenne of fashion house in Paris. I have appreciated and understood the work of Mrs Jeanne LANVIN which still stays for me the first lady in business. She succeeded in creating and developing the French lifestyle worldwide through different arts like perfumes, design and dress-making.
I immediately was smitten by the world of custom tailor and as businessman and passionate by this world .Our concept is naturally imposed on me.

If you could travel to another time/ period, which one would it be?
The golden age of art deco and the thirties of course.
But I like also the challenge that represents our society and our difficult time.

If you were an animal, which one would you be?
I would like to be a phoenix, without hesitation.

How do you plan your career to evolve within the next 10 years?
Grow up and involve with customer’s wishes and challenges in order to create a new lifestyle French concept.

Which character real or imaginary, dead or alive, would you like to have as a client?
The final dream would be for me to receive Mrs Jeanne Lanvin and that she feels good in our showroom.

What is your favourite course/dish/meal?
My favourite dish is crayfish with “thermidor” sauce.

Which quotation do you take as a mantra/modo in life?
Everything is possible, everything is realizable

If you were to anticipate the end of your career book, which would be a good epilogue?
To transcribe and develop the best I could the education which I received.

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Audrey Kabla