Audrey Kabla, founder of the Epykomène agency, House of Luxury Marketing & French know-how had the great pleasure of meeting Miko, a French host of television and radio, a comedian and humorist .

A big thank you for this moment !

Audrey : Explain to us in a few words what you do in life?

Miko : I am director for television among other things, I was radio co-host, I have worked with Cauet for fifteen years. We can say that I am both in front of and behind the camera.


Audrey : In your work of director, could you explain specifically what you do ?

Miko : Overall, I specialised in the parody, that is to say everything about false television, false advertising, false ads… I have made my specialty since series that I have created for Comedie+ (Miko and Cartman fuck nothing) in which there were some classic series and part of television shows parodies, where we parodied all shows and I enjoyed doing this so I later decided to continue on other programs.

Audrey : Specifically when a company wants to work with you, you going to charge you to work with the script, the staging, or simply the realization of the video production?

Miko : That depends on the projects; it happened many times when the authors were creating their own stories and it was to me to be imaged, and other times it’s me who wrote the story and I realised it for them.

Audrey : And you also took care of the production … Moreover , what the post production?

Miko : The post production is all that is done after the shooting, that is to say, when we add special effects, for example , it is also changing the image itself, give it some color. Compared to the production cycle, first comes the shoot, then we assembly and once the product is finished we add special effects at the stage of post-production.

production montage

Compared to my career, I have also worked on less oriented humorous side projects. In fact, I have a photographer friend who works for fashion brands and have contributed to many photomontages of images that he had previously taken or filmed, for brands like Les Petites, Vestibus, etc … Fashion universe changes me! Specifically, he directed the photo shoot and also a video shooting and it comes back to me with all these images, and it is then up to me to find them a meaning, a rhythm, and try to say something, a story in very little time. This exercise may seem difficult to me because this is images that I have not turned, so I like to do everything on a project, I like to do everything from A to Z, be behind the camera, I love to do editing myself, so when it’s not you that took the pictures, you can be frustrated because you tell yourself “I would have done differently,” … but it’s also a very interesting challenge for me, to adapt me and see what I can achieve from the work of someone else, try to appropriate it, to give it your style, your color.

Audrey: What is motivated you to start you on this path?

Miko: This is a childhood dream. Since I was little I always wanted to be in there, it also comes from my family background, my father had a video recorder at a time when it was not yet really developed, where it was not common to all families or to all households, and at a time when everyone was not necessarily a camera on itself like now with smartphones. It was big shoulder video recorders where we had to walk with the VCR recorder, it amused me very much and my father was often filming us, we were reviewing the movies after filming them and I quickly got used to seeing me in the camera. I also quickly snatched the camera because I spotted how it worked, mechanically I saw my father do every time the same movements so I eventually remember, and I remember one day, when I had stolen the camera while he was not there and had staged my sister and I had a click. I grew up with a camera since childhood, I have my life on video, and there is not a place where I was without my camera.


Audrey: What part of your job that you like the most?

Miko: I love the editing phase. The editing is the moment where everything makes sense ; after a shoot, once you pass the editing, you can have thousand versions, thousand ways to tell a story, thousand ways to arrange the images, and it is really my favorite part because this is where the project comes to life and where you chained the sequences that you filmed, you join them en-to-end to create there a meaning.

Audrey: Do you have specific projects for the fall 2016?

Miko: Well, starting August 16th, I will be animating the morning of Voltage Radio in Paris, which I am super excited about. I worked 13 years in radio and I have to say I have missed it for the past couple of years. 


Here is a picture of Miko on August 16th of 2016 🙂

I would like to make a series for television or the Internet, with a short format, I’d like to find a nice concept. Such a concept like ‘Bref‘, it’s really a short film that revolutionized television, he brought a freshness and something he had not before. I would like to find an idea, a form maybe we would not have seen before. Otherwise, I’m a little comedian in my spare time, I participated in a short series that went on MCM TV channel, where I shared the stage with french famous people as Martin Lamotte, Samy Naceri even if we not act simultaneously. I participated in this series for two seasons; the second season just ended and there we will go on tour in the FNAC shops in France for signing sessions DVD and I’ll turn in the third season this summer. It gives me a good experience, because I’m not too used to lead me by people, because usually it’s me who leads me. It’s really interesting to get to the other side. I am also the sponsor of Armageddon Festival, a science fiction geek and pop culture festival that takes place in November and whose profits will be donated to a charity.

Audrey: Which men and women inspire you?

Miko: I’m not necessarily admiring of someone but there is of course directors I like, like Steven Spielberg ; I love his movies, I appreciate what he does, I am soothed by his films since I was a child , that’s what makes me want to do what I do.

Audrey: Which real, fictional, alive or dead character would you dream to meet?

Miko: I listen to a lot right now The Doors, I discovered through an Oliver Stone movie, which made me want to listen to the album and I think it’s someone quite charismatic and mystical . I’m agoraphobic when I am surrounded by people but I think for a concert of Jim Morrison I would be able to overcome this public fear and go to it.

the doors

Audrey: What is your favorite dessert?

Miko: The Opéra.

opéra gâteau

Audrey: If your profession, the realisation, was a visual art like painting, music, dance, etc., which would it be ?

Miko: That would be music because I think that ‘s all a matter of rhythm, rhythm is important in what we do. I’ve seen movies that did not like because of the assembly, because of the rhythm. Editing and rhythm are very important, it is a musical . When I edit a project, it’s like a music.

Audrey: If you Miko , you were an animal, what would you be ?

Miko: Few years ago I could have said the dog, because I’ve always had dogs but now I would say the cat. I am more a cat with a small solitary and independent side, with an accented character.


Audrey: Does is there a quote that you particularly like and that you want to share?

Miko: ” Long life and prosperity” from Mr. Spock in Star Trek, that I love.

monsieur spock star trek

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