The self-taught fashion talent Elie Saab is born in 1964 in Lebanon. Couturier since the young age, his interest in dressmaking started at the age of 9, already making clothes for his sisters.

Elie Saab beirut haute couture

The designer magnifies femininity working with fine materials, delicate embroideries with outstanding quality. He builds his fairytale creations using simple designs, precious resources, whilst always maintaining a form of sophistication? Elie Saab dazzles with his intricate detail and strong sense of beauty. His specialty is the ultimate dress that highlights a woman silhouette.

Beirut remains his main source of inspiration, it is where he’s founded in 1982, at just the age of 18 then maintained his studio. The Elie Saab atelier is where all the Haute Couture grows are made and passed through the hand of the designer. It is the sole heart of the savoir-faire and excellence of his achievement. His reputation rapidly transcended Beirut’s borders, attracting women all around the world.

From the ultra-delicate and weightless, to the sophisticated, yet traditional, Ellie Saab never stops amazing us. Empire-line minidresses, chiffon-draped princess gowns with additional chiffon sashes at the neck, sheer bejewelled sheaths with skinny belted waists and extraordinary wedding gowns, this was about dreamy fashion that transcends continents, age, trend or season. That is what Elie Saab offers us in the spring summer 2014 collection.


Elie_Saab_couture_spring_summer_2014_collection paris

Elie_Saab_couture_spring_summer_2014_collection 2

“Women often ask me for dresses like the bridal one I showed today,” said Elie Saab after this show. “They want their dreams to come true and that’s what we try to do.”

One words to describe the Elie Saab’s world? Absolute chic. Oh let me add some, absolute glam as well, because we love Elie Saab. Let’s embrace your femininity with this genius.

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