Daring to wear the suspenders? Yes! But they are even cooler with trainers on. 
Trying a push-up bra for a charming candlelight dinner? Yes! But under my T-shirt or my favorite sweater.
In a few words: to be effortlessly sexy in our own way!

If you are agree with this concept, you sould must enjoy Girls Paris!

Girls Paris  Girls Paris

Girls Paris embodies this idea of being sexy, in a relaxed and confident manner. These girls put on anything and are immediately desirable.

According to Girls Paris seduction for Girls is fun, natural, most of all, comes with no rules.

Girls Paris

Girls Paris was created by Raphaële in 2014 and when we ask to her why Girls Paris? she answered: “To respond to women who, like me, have never dared to wear sexy lingerie because they did not want to look like a Christmas tree or feel like filming the remake of a bad adult movie. For women who dare to wear suspenders even with no heels or blow-dry.”

Girls Paris

But concretly: who are the Girls?
They are the funny girls, at ease with themselves. They are the girls who experience periods of joy, disappointment, pride and pain.
They, too, have their imperfections, but they are also packed with charm and sexiness.



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By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog