At Epykomene, we love avant-gardism and authenticity and simply fall in love with the Hotel Flocons de Sel in Megeve.

The hotel got his ranking institutional five-star Tuesday, last January. Several chalets combining functionality and design but also rooms and apartments create luxury and and a very cosy ambiance.


Flocons de Sel restaurant is triple star in the Michelin Guide, The Grand Chef Emmanuel Renaut offers timeless cuisine to mountain flavours, daring color, bitterness, acidity which makes every dish original and surprising

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Relaxation and well-being, the Spa ‘Niche’, featuring a pool with views of the megevanes mountains, offers top-of-the-range treatments inspired by nature and its seasons. The spa treatments inspired by the mountains: fir trees, flowers, and water of Megève.

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Check Website: Hôtel Flocons de Sel

Jessica Zuretti