Can we talk about France without talking about chocolate ? If France is well known in the entire world for multiple stars gastronomy, it is because this country is full of high quality products but also exceptional Chefs. So let’s see one of the best locations in Paris where you can find the best of french chocolate.


The Boutique of Patrick Roger


Winner of the World Cup of chocolate in 1994 and Meilleur Ouvrier of France in 2000, Patrick Roger is the chocolate creator « par excellence ». His boutiques located in St Sulpice, la Madeleine or Victor Hugo unveil a gourmet universe full of charm. His french know how is mixed with exotic flavours of vanilla of Madagascar, or island passion fruit. Specialist of the sweet escape of our taste buds, his chocolate collection with ambiguous tastes are compared to real jewels.


We love : His way of sculpting chocolate pieces that gave him the most prestigious prizes.







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