Paul Poiret was born on april 1879 in Paris and died on april 1944 in Paris.
The French fashion designer made his mark in fashion history by his daring, becoming pioneer in women emancipation.

The young Poiret get his start to the dressmaker Madeleine Chéruit , then he continued at the House Doucet, before getting hired at Mr. Worth in 1901.
It was in 1903 that he opened his own couture house and began his mission; emancipate women.

Mr. Poiret remove the corset and change the female silhouette, shoulders became the main point. He creates high-waisted dresses and draw the path for female emancipation. This radical reform of egdes is associated with the designe like a signature, even if he was not the only part of this revolution.

atelier dame homme

Paul Poiret , has not only revolutionized the Parisian silhouette of Belle Époque by ridding corsets and whales, but also inspired a lifestyle, and attitude.

In Paris, his lifestyle, his love of art and taste for Orientalism worth it to be nicknamed the “Magnificent”.
“Poiret the magnificent” buys a mansion in the middle of Paris, “avenue d’Antin” and organized famous lavish parties, known as “Mille et seconde nuits”, which will mark the Parisian nights.

His taste for Orientalist increase as well as Orientalism was in fashion.. He collaborated with many artists, including Constantin Brancusi, Robert Delaunay, André Derain, Kees Van Dongen , Raoul Dufy, Marie Laurencin , Henri Matisse , Picabia and Picasso.

oriental style



Visionary, Mr. poiret create the idea that people can live the Poiret experience in a global way by launching the Perfumes de Rosine and art deco range Martine , named names of his two daughters. This is the appearance of by-product.


Paul Poiret knows the triumph he dresses the actresses most prominent and all of Paris, assisted by his wife Denise, who is ambassador for the brand. He draws on his extensive travels to create clothes marked by the Orient, Russia, North Africa.

His legacy is still influencing the fashion universe today !

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