Poiray, luxury house of jewellery & high jewellery was created in 1975 and is located in Place Vendôme, among the prestigious brands of jewellery. The beginning of the House’s creations was marked by its impertinence and its bold choices and changed the codes of traditional jewellery.

If we described the brand Poiray as a woman, she would young and parisian, refined with a strong character masked by an elegant reserve.


Poiray, this is an affirmed style with full and generous shapes pure lines! Among the themes created by the jewellery house, we find the hearts, the braids, the gems, the indentations, the filigree motifs and the art deco inspiration. The use of fine cabochon cut stones marks the history of the Maison with an indelible imprint.

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Poiray knew a second wind since 2014, and it has actually around ten shops in prestigious places like Rue de la Paix, Passy, and many others in Paris. Likewise, the brand keep its historical clientele but modernise also its core target, present on social medias.

Among its new products, Poiray launched recently a new concept with the ring ‘Ma Préférence’. In fact, the precious stone is interchangeable! The brand has also the half of its offer present in watchmaking sector. The watch ‘Ma Première’ is a very creative and colourful watch, with also an interchangeable leather bracelet.

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“A youthful charm , freshness and creative that the years do not change.” Poiray

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By Bénédicte Le Bihan Bénédicte-Epykomène-Epyblog