I’m a very big fan of cheese cake. I have tasted thousands of cheesecakes in my life in different parts of the world. My #1 is “Cheesecake Factory”, without question.  Since Cheesecake Factory is located in USA and has no branches in Paris, it was a quite big problem for me to reach my dream cheesecake.

Finally I found out a solution called “Berko”. Berko is located in the 4th district of Paris in Rambuteau which is very close to Centre Georges Pompidou.

Last week, thanks to Audrey for suggesting me Berko, I bought 2 cheesecakes with fresh red and blueberries.

I certainly can say that it was one of the super delicious cheesecakes I ate in my entire life.

Actually Berko’s expertise is more about cupcakes.
So please taste charming cupcakes as well. They have rich variety of flavors.

Berko also offers big party cakes in your dream concept. So cute!


Address to our Berko!
23 Rue Rambuteau
75004 Paris
Berko has also some boutiques in Rue Lepic, La Defense & Gare de Lyon


Ayca Demirhan Ozkan