Founded in 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman, Rituals Cosmetics is a beauty care brands. The Founder of the brand wants to create pure simple hapiness. Their mission is to transform your daily beauty care in pure moments of pleasure with voluptuous products. 

Rituals range of products are composed by many different kind of products such as: body cream, tea, bubble-bath, washing-up liquid, perfume, body scrub, canddle, body oil, make-up, etc. The ultimate goal is to give every little thing in life a touch of luxury . This passion is reflected in each of their products.

The range of product of Rituals is composed by 7 “Rituals”, which are: The Ritual of Sakura (celebrate each day as a new beginning), The Ritual of Dao (your path to inner peace), The Ritual of Laughing Buddha (smile and the world smiles back), The Ritual of Ayurveda (Inner the harmony brings natural beauty), The Ritual of Hammam (a purifying ceremony for body and soul), The Ritual of Samouraï (groomed to perfection), The Ritual of Karma (do good and good will come your way).

Moreover, Rituals uses for their products, only natural ingredients, renewable and organic and they also choose safer alternatives when nature can provide them with what they need.

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Epykomene Team had the chance to discover more during an event in Paris, The Ritual of Sakura and we totaly fall in love with it!

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For centuries, Japaneses celebrate the annual blooming of Sakura cherry. This festival marks the awakening of nature and symbolizes the transience of beauty and the importance of life. Inspired by this tradition, this collection combines the softness of the Cherry Blossom with the organic rice milk nourishing to celebrate each day as a new beginning.

By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog