It is with great pleasure that we met Sabrina and Adeline , the founder of the leather goods brand ROZE , combining vintage and French chic . A big thank you for your time!


How the brand ROZE came to life?

The brand ROZE was born at the turn of a discussion ; after many years working in the sector of ready to wear for Sabrina and the desire to bring its operational expertise regarding Adeline , the idea of ​​proposing a new kind of bags is born and the project has materialized. Specifically, it was the desire to offer a different product, a heart stroke , which inspired us.

What were the reasons which encouraged you to launch our own leather goods brand?

The bag is for us the essential fashion accessory. We see it, it completes an outfit and asserts a personality.

Can you talk about your products ?

ROZE leather bags undoubtedly marked the spirits. It is a mix of vintage rallying codes, the French chic, quality bags and a timeless value.

How is the creative process? From idea to manufacturing?

Creating source is fed by everything that is happening around us, in our environment , like Haute Couture fashion shows, urban fashion , art and everything related to vintage . Once the idea scribbled and designed by Sabrina, come then add extensive discussions and research with Adeline, to offer a bag that will appeal to the greatest number, practical, with a mix of original material, which is especially heart for us.

How would you describe the brand ROZE ?

What characterizes ROZE bags it is especially the attention to detail, and mix and match which brings an original and contrasting notes, specific to the brand.

What differentiates Roze other leather goods brands?

The biggest difference is the seasonal collections. ROZE creates, manufactures and markets their bags as ready to wear. This is what allows us to have a greater supply bags, winter and summer, and especially adapt the trends of this, the inspirations of the moment.

Do you have an iconic piece?

All products are iconic by their mix of materials, but the last model created, “John”, will be launched for next winter, will be one of our favorites ! It will always have this quality of mix and match, but with wood material!

How would you describe the woman “Roze” ?

She is a woman who claims her personality, her style.

What motivates you most as creators and entrepreneurs?

To see our ideas take shape , and obviously to cross a pretty young woman in the street wearing a ROZE bag!

What is your favorite dessert?

The Menelik or the families cake that made my grandmother !

And finally, a quote that you want to share?

“Nothing is done without some enthusiasm!” Voltaire.