Schwartz’s, located in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris “the Marais”, one of the most magical district in Paris, is an institution for the French Ashkenaze Culture.






There is such an amazing atomosphere in this reproduction of a real American Delicatessen in Paris.  Schwartz’s Deli has at the same time the best location, the best decoration, and the best burgers & Pastrami sandwiches. I am totally fan of this restaurant: they serve good quantity with a price rather reasonable.

They propose a very tasty Brunch on Sunday, and one of the best coleslow in Paris as well. It is not a choice anymore, you have to test one of their original burgers, mixing french and american culture! Have a try with the ” Parisian burger”, which is the fabulous meeting between hamburger and French Tartare.

Delicatessen, from Germany, “delicious dishes”, is totally appropriate for this one. In fact, it is at the same time a New York Jewish institution, where you will recognize the traditionnal Ashkenazee gourmet, and a very tasty butchery. Do not hesitate to test the dessert if you have some time and still some space 😉




No more words to add,  just check Schwartz’s Deli website.