Shiatzy Chen (夏姿•陳) is a Taiwanese fashion house, whose founder and brand innovator Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia is often compared to the Chanel of Taiwan and is the eponym of her luxury goods brand.

She was born in 1951 in Changhua of Taiwan and founded the company in 1978. The brand spirit for Shiatzy Chen is “neo-Chinese chic” transfering historical Chinese aesthetics into modern fashion design.

Shiatzy Chen adopts Chinese aesthetics in combination with western cuttings and Chinese handcrafting techniques.

The brand is known for its distinctive design features drawn from Chinese culture such as Qipao collars, knot buckles, or patterns in a Chinese ink painting.     

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Shiatzy Chen started its studio in Paris in 1990 and set up a boutique in Rue St. Honoré ten years later. 


From the first step of choosing Taiwan fabrics, she enlarges her choice to France. Although she has never accepted any systematic education on fashion design, she seriously think about merging western cutting with oriental design to suit the contemporary trend for fashion.

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