Since 1985, Sidewalk Cafe is an address to know if you go in East Village in New-York!

Sidewalk Cafe is a nice bar and restaurant which offers simple and delicious burgers and other dishes like salads, sandwiches or typical american breakfast and it’s open until late hours.

Moreover, Sidewalk Cafe is a famous spot where you could find emerging singer-songwriters and other performing artists. In fact, many artists and singers have played and sang in live in the bar, which is famous for its musical and artistic atmosphere.

Related to its history, Sidewalk Cafe is linked with the “Antifolk” songwriting movement and its ringleader Lach, which started in East Village. The bar and restaurant is situated at the middle of an artistic place, a student district, and young professionals and families of different nationalities live in this spot. This is this mix and the creative energy of the district which give to Sidewalk Cafe its attraction and makes it a place so popular.

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If you have a nice voice, you ‘ll also sing a song at Sidewalk Cafe!

The adress:

NEW YORK 10009