Arrived from Lubéron in 18 years, without any contact but with the will of those who reach their purposes, he questions to the editors of mode by e-mail, organizes happening in the middle of the street. Then seller to Comme des Garçons in the daytime, he creates the night. In 2015, he obtains the Special Price of the jury of the LVMH Prize. At 27 years old, this self-taught seduces Rihanna today and multiplies best-sellers – inhabited, colored rooms, in the daring proportions.

Born Simon Porte. He becomes Simon Porte Jacquemus in the death of his mother. Simon said: “I do not see this name as a cause to be either defended, but there is a sincerity, it is the name of my mother, no concept.” Simon Porte Jacquemus stood out at the speed of the flash of lightning in the big league of the fashion. The strength of the brand is also the importance given to the scenography during the parades and the strong inspiration of the Southeast of France which passes on a solar energy in all the collections.

All the universe of his brand is inspired by the one who is his muse, his mother. Cuts and style of 80’s, color palette united going from the white to the black via the beige and the brown, the games of knots and of wrinkled so many characteristics which make the brand Jacquemus.



Estelle Varillon