And if a fast food brand was able to tell you exactly where does each component your flat, your soup , your sandwich or salad? And if she pushed the attention to detail to give you the name of the producer and mention the exact distance between the place of production (workshop , farming , orchard, etc.) from the same place you quietly enjoy your meal ? This restaurant is SOURCES. The fast food restaurant that takes the time to offer the best of kitchen version Local and Fresh.

Sources, Epykomene, Healthy, Paris, Gastronomy2

Sources, Epykomene, Healthy, Paris, Gastronomy4

And if you learn that it is a true chef who is in charge ? One who cooks to the side of the greatest, but who prefers the simplicity of a fuss exchange with customers every day, but pressed patient, demanding but not posh, but urban in search of roots? A restaurant for which the founders, Lionel and Nathalie have set some goals that are both simple and ambitious: to make sense of their cuisine with fresh products and “sources” closer and more just …

Epykomène Team recommanded you to test it when you will fo in Paris, it’s so delicious!

Sources, Epykomene, Healthy, Paris, Gastronomy3 Sources, Epykomene, Healthy, Paris, Gastronomy5

By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog