It can be served at the Georges or the Comptoir du Panthéon in Paris as well as RevePlage private beach in the Riviera… I can never have enough savouring a Tartare de Saumon in a Terasse of a French restaurant. I like it as an appetizer but I love it as a dish!






Ingredients (for a romantic dinner):

-250g fresh salmon fillet (sushi grade, without skin)
-fruity, high-quality olive oil
-1 finely diced shallot
-1 organic lime
-coarse sea salt
-freshly ground black pepper
serve it with a nice salad with rucola & zucchinis or homemade sauted potato chips anddo not forget to offer thin slices of rye or whole whear bread
further variations: fresh ginger, green onions, chopped fresh herbs (cilantro, chives, dill)