For a brand that owes its name to one of the greatest astronomers of all time, the essential for Copernicus resided in life, the sun and light and the essential for clothes remains primarily: the woman. Thus the brand COPERNI FEMME was born.


Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant form the modern and avant-garde duo of the prestigious brand Coperni Femme. These young artists made a big entrance into the fashion world with their innovative ideas and their minimalist vision of couture.

Corperni Femme  Corperni Femme

Coperni Femme was created in 2013. After the first capsule collection presented in September 2013, during the fashionweek of March 2014, the duo reveals a real and successful global brand which quickly  triggering passions and immediate support of the press and buyers.
The brand Coperni Femme was exclusively sold at Opening Ceremony and Chez Moi à Paris. Their SS2015 collection will be available at Colette.

The Coperni Duo was named Astistic Director of Courrèges the 6th May 2015.

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By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog