Shoette the new & revolutionary back up shoe! After centuries of suffering from heels, Elena & Léria, founders of Shoette are giving to women more freedom than ever! An enormous thank you to my childhood friend Elena & her amazing associate, Léria. Thank you for this glamorous, innovative & business interview.” – A. Kabla

Can you please describe shortly what Shoette is?
Do your feet sometimes heart because of your high heels?
Shoette is a Back up shoe, a cute confortable ballerina… that you can roll in very little so it fits in your bag. The sole is made in PU so it is highly flexible and suitable for walking outside. Don’t use it all day long, Shoette is not a regular shoe, it is a back-up shoe!

Shoette has 3 ranges of products:
Shoette mini: 15 euros – concept product, the smallest, cheapest and most accessible of our collection. Broadest distribution network.
Shoette barefoot: 25 euros more confortable, more resistant, sold with a big foldable bag in which you can put your high heels.
Shoette classic: starting at 35 euros – coming soon… thicker, bigger… last longer!

Shoette is conceived for active women who suffer from high heels after work, dinner, event… and want to stay glamorous at any occasion of the day or the night.

When was it created & How does the idea come from?
The idea came from a crazy party night. Five friends were coming out from a Parisian club and among them there were 3 women wearing incredible fashionable new high heels. They were suffering so much!!!! One f the girls ended up being carried by her boyfriend toward the car, the second one took off her shoes & walked barefoot on the dirty pavements of Paris & the last one kept the shoes walking really slowly up to the car. This was Elena Hagege the co-founder of Shoette.
Once in the car, Elena asked her friends how much they could pay right now for a ballerina… The auctions were surprisingly high! The idea was born from a crazy party night.
With a business background and after a Master in Entrepreneurship, Elena partnered with Leria Collaro, jurist in Paris.
A few weeks later, the idea became a project & a few months later a company.

Which were the obstacles you had to overcome during the concept creation?
Both specialized in law & business, Elena & Leria were tooled to create a company but didn’t know anything about the shoe industry.
They had to discover & understand the whole field before starting any step of their creation.

Where does your passion for Fashion come from?
Leria: Chanel!!!!!!
Elena: It’s not a passion about fashion I just wanted something simple, pragmatic, useful yet elegant that every woman can wear at any time!

Describe your clientele & how you understand its needs ?
Fun part, we don’t have any target but the gender: women
Our shoes go from the 34 to the 43.

Let’s talk a little bit about you now! You managed to develop a very innovative Fashionable concept. Which strengths do you think you used to achieve this incredible performance?
Léria (photo on the right side): The desire, the will to create something different
Elena: I didn’t want to create my own company and have the responsibility to handle the accounting & every other administrative parts. But I felt I had to answer to a need for every woman including me. Lucky enough my business background allowed me to follow that wish! I didn’t want to create the project on my own and great partnership with Leria is the main strength of Shoette.

How do you want your concept to evolve within the next 10 years? What are your goals for Shoette?
Elena (photo on the left side): We don’t even know where we will be in 2 years! I hope any women can buy Shoette products every 100 feet around like an umbrella when it rains.
Léria: My vision for Shoette is a worldwide company. As a success, I dream that women will ask each other: “You took your Shoette?”

What is the part of your work you appreciate the most?
Elena: When you try the last version of the prototype and it fits perfectly!
Léria: Promotion

Into which other city of the world would you like to develop your activity?
New York of course!

Which character real or imaginary, dead or alive, would you like to have as a client?
Elena: Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

If Shoette was an animal, what would it be?
Léria: A hind!

If Shoette was a type of pastry, what would it be?
Une amarillys de Gérard Mulot

If you could travel to another time/ period, which one would it be?
Léria: XIXth century in Paris
Elena: The 20’s in the US – I will go out with Gary Grant every night!

Which quotation do you take as a mantra/modo in life?
Léria: Better to live one day as a tiger than a thousand as a goat – Chines proverb
Elena: Go Go Go !!!

If you were to anticipate the end of your career book, which would be a good epilogue?
Elena: She did it all with a smile on her face
Léria: She lived as she was/felt it!

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Audrey Kabla