Revitalized and reflagged, the Four Seasons Hotel previously known as The Westcliff Johanesburg re-opens after a dramatic $200 million renovations.

The fabulous city of Johannesburg is the place to be, and the right place for you. The South Africa’s biggest city, Johannesburg is an exciting town, full of energy. The renaissance is led by a new generation of artists, designers and creative thinkers. In the middle of the action, is the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg.

Ideally positioned as a gateway for international travelers, when it first opened in the 90s, the Westcliff was originally conceived as a stately enclave for an exclusive clientele. Today is the renaissance for the Hotel.

In that way, under the guidance of Four Seasons, the former “grande dame” is getting a facelift and a new attitude in keeping with a modern African esthetic, and reflective of the dynamic city that surrounds it. In this way, you will admire the wonderful works of the greatest artists of the continent such as, Helmut Starcke, Obie Oberholzer, Gawie Joubert, Petrus Saral, Diana Hyslop, Lehlogonolo Mashaba, Louis Olivier and Team Arlene Amaler-Raviv & Dale Yudelman…

The Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg, is located just minutes from major business centers and tourist attractions, and is nestled among eight acres of lushly landscaped gardens cascading down a hillside.
You will fall in love with the Hotel! It includes 117 guest rooms and suites, and provides the best services through a multi-lingual concierge team. Local and international guests will be able to enjoy the very finest cuisine, accompanied by the best wines of South Africa in the five all-new restaurants and lounges of the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg.

Honeymooners, couples, friends, do not forget to pamper yourself in the all-new Spa complex. Between saunas, steam rooms, as well as “après-spa”, relaxation guarentee.


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For more information, check the website of The Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg Here, and book your vacation. Let’s go to Johanesburg !

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