In the middle of a 60 000 acre of private reserve, Loisaba invites you to discover its piece of heaven : a private wilderness ranch on the border of Laikipia in Kenya.

Luxury might sounds for you as an expensive product, hand-made and maybe made in France. We, defines luxury as the symbole of absolute pleasure, the best of the best, an unreachable dream. What if I told you that we discover for you a place that fits all these criteria? Indeed, it’s the extraordinary place of Loisaba.

This place is the perfect balance between wildness and luxury. A beautiful place where you will loose yourself in the abundant wildlife with 260 spices of bird and 50 species of other wildlife such as zebras, lions, giraffes etc. and stayed at their luxurious accommodation.


                                              elephants                                      lionceaux                               zebras


Loisaba offers a number of different accommodations to suit varied needs. Loisaba houses, Loisaba cottage, the main lodge which has seven beautiful en suite rooms.



Moreover, for the more adventurers of us, “star beds”. You can spend an unforgettable night on a handcrafted Koija star bed, rolled onto an elevated, open-air platform for an evening spent gazing at the Milky Way.


The promise of Loisaba is a visit which will revive your mind, rejuvenate your body and revitalise your soul.

You can check the website of Loisaba HERE  to have more details about their offer or simply book your next travel !

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