In Epykomène Agency, each contributor love to write about luxury fields, trends, brands & big crushs that we meet in our job.

Epyblog is a diary where you could find famous or promising brands to our eyes, portraits of artisanal creators or artists that we love interviewing, and places that we recommend you all around the world: Europe, America, Middle East, New-York & Paris, and many others…

We hope you will read with curiosity and joy the different articles that we had the pleasure of writing!

People who contribute to Epyblog:

Audrey Kabla, the founder of the Epykomène Agency.

Aminta Seck, Alison Perrin, Léonie Fauche, Chloé Gosselin & Bénédicte le Bihan ; each of its writer is different, but one thing gathers them: passion of Luxury!

About them:

Audrey-Kabla-EpykomèneAudrey Kabla: Founder of Epykomène agency, House of Luxury marketing & French know-how, Audrey is definitely a working-girl who combining her expertise of brand management and his passion about Luxury, all around the world.

Aminta-SeckAminta Seck:

Alison-PerrinAlison Perrin:

Léonie Fauche - Epykomène - EpyblogLéonie Fauche: Léonie is full of enthusiasm and she loves discover new trends, the most beautifuls places & hotels and delicious food in restaurants that you could find all around the world.

ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-EpyblogChloé Gosselin: Parisian girl passionate by luxury and fashion brands, Chloé is also a fashion & lifestyle influencer, who combining her passion of social medias with her everyday life.

Bénédicte-Epykomène-EpyblogBénédicte Le Bihan: Bénédicte is a girl woman passionate about luxury sectors and especially perfumery & beauty, but this does not prevent him to write about a precious time-keeper or a place she would have discovered recently!