According to Wikipedia, a Tournedos Rossini is a French steak dish, purportedly created for the composer Gioachino Rossini by Auguste Escoffier, although the identity of the creator of the dish remains a matter of dispute.[1] The dish comprises a tournedos (filet mignon[2]) of beef, pan-fried in butter, served on a crouton, and topped with a slice of whole foie gras. The dish is garnished with slices of black truffle, and finished with a Madeira demi-glace sauce.

According to us, French Cuisine lovers, the tournedos Rossini is what we call a classic yet intemporary gourmet dish. The meat has to be cooked as rare, served half-mashed potatoes (with olive oil) half salad, sauce on the side of course as the French lady that we are (and pretending to forget that it is served with fois gras on top…) and then… this has just become deliciously private!