You wanna have a good time and above all, savour traditional italian product ? This place is made for you.

Epykomene - Obika Mozarella Bar - Milan

Obika (that means “Here it is!”) is located on the top floor of the big department store of Milan, overlooking the famous Duomo church. Here, you can savour simple products sourced from the best italian farmers and producers: Mozzarella di Bufala, the best mozzarella ever, heirloom tomato, wonderful pasta, and a flavoured wine.

Epykomene - Obika Mozarella Bar - Milan

The principe is simple, that’s you who created your plate: choose mozzarella you want to eat, add vegetables (sliced cherry tomatoes, roasted artichoke, grilled vegetables, prosciutto…) and then, select amazing pasta (pesto pasta, house made lasagna…) or salad, if you prefer. Just enjoy the good time that you’re living, take a delicious cup of coffee after eating and relax.

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