When Art meets Luxury

In the Nevada desert there is Las Vegas. Eldorado of all fantasies. There are hotels of all kinds and at all prices. In the race for exuberance and opulence, The Palms Hotel wins the medal. Indeed, the Maloof family, owner of the hotel, inaugurated this year the most expensive hotel room in the world: the Empathy Suite. Between suspended sharks, oversized pills graphics and a floor decorated with butterflies, the suite that the British artist Damien Hirst designed for the Palms Casino Resort  is waiting the most demanding customers of the world.

Damien Hirst who is he?

He is a contemporary British artist. His artistic practice explores the complex relationships between art, religion, science, life and death. He is known for his sumptuous creations related to pop culture and his famous animals preserved in formaldehyde and his skulls encrusted with diamonds.

The vision of the most luxurious suite in the world for Mr. Hirst?

 A 800m2, two story suite that includes two master bedrooms and an outdoor pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, as well as numerous lounges that can receive more than 50 people, massage rooms, a gym room, a relaxation room, a cinema, two bathrooms. Furthermore, there are six works of the artist in the suite. The most amazing is called Winner / Loser a work that confronts two impressive bulldog sharks in formaldehyde.

The price fort a night ?

100 000 dollars the night that to say 90 332,40 euros!

So, interested?