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The 5 essential Luxury purses you must own!

We promise, there are truly mythical bags! They are models for which some women are willing to wait long & to save during years. Among these legends in leather goods, we offer you a selection of the 5 “it bag” required by any self-respecting fashionista:

1. The Kelly by Hermès. It was very popular in 1955, although it was created in 1935, thanks to the wedding of Grace Kelly with Rainier of Monaco. This bag has a trapezoidal shape and is renamed after the actress. Imbued with the simple and classic elegance of Hermès, it also borrows the refinement of the actress. Today, some models are sell at auctions for several tens of thousands of euros.

kelly hermes

2. The 2.55 by Chanel. Also known as “Mademoiselle”, it was created in 1955. Rectangular and quilted, it walks to the arm of stylish women after a gold chain interlaced with leather. It breathes the vision of the woman, independent and stylish, which inspires the creations of Chanel. This bag can be around 1 500-2 000 euros.

chanel 2.55


3. The Speedy by Louis Vuitton. The first model was created in 1933 but the it constantly evolves. Available in multiple formats, the Speedy combines practicality and Luxury, on the Vuitton way. This combination ensure a great success that continues to make it an absolute must have for any wardrobe. Around 500 euros.

speedy louis vuitton

4. The Lady Dior by Christian Dior. The Lady Diana Princess was never seen without it. Like her, her favorite bag is a legend and an inexhaustible source of glamor. Created by John Galliano in 1994, the Lady Dior includes the codes of the house and has established itself over the years as the epitome of Parisian chic.


lady dior christian


5. The Birkin by Hermès. How can we forget the fetish Jane Birkin bag? Designed especially for the actress by Hermès in the 80s, the model is spacious and elegant. The sobriety, real trademark of the house, also adapts to the most exuberant personalities: Jane Birkin, for example, likes to dress this bag of all kinds of souvenirs – scarves, jewelry etc.

birkin hermes

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Discover the bold jewelry brand Akillis

The jewelry brand Akillis was created in France by Caroline Gaspard in 2007 with the aim of redefining the exceptional by reinventing jewelry.

At just 25 years old, this young designer is upsetting the hushed habits of jewelry, she innovates with a deliberately provocative style. A little side James Bond Girl is behind Caroline Gaspard who transports us into his world bling bling but especially sophisticated and glamorous; a trip to a world where women are not cold-hearted by asserting their personality and of course wearing the brand’s sulfurous jewelry.

But Akillis is also a male jewel with a unisex concept that the designer claims and men find themselves there, far from prejudices, their masculinity remains intact when they carry a diamond revolver bullet to the finger… The jewel becomes both feminine and masculine, the virility of men echoing the seduction of women.

In the end, Caroline Gaspard offers us jewels that claim a modern and bold vision of luxury through materials such as gold, titanium, diamonds or even exotic leathers. Akillis stands out for offering collections, hand-made by the best French craftsmen, which appeal to both women and men.






Estelle Varillon

The incredible leather story of Pinel & Pinel

Fred Pinel is the founder of the brand Pinel & Pinel. But who is he and the story of its brand?

Pinel & Pinel - Brand - Luxury - Luxe - Leather - trunk - Epykomene - Agence de marketing de Luxe - Paris - Savoir Faire

Fred Pinel is an exceptional malletier and designer born in 1969. He starts to study in London but he always dreams about creation and handicraft.

Pinel & Pinel - Brand - Luxury - Luxe - Leather - trunk - Epykomene - Agence de marketing de Luxe - Paris - Savoir Faire


One day, he dismounts entirely a familial suitcase to reconstitute it after, piece by piece, searching the most beautiful piece of leather and the best accessories.

Pinel & Pinel - Brand - Luxury - Luxe - Leather - trunk - Epykomene - Agence de marketing de Luxe - Paris - Savoir Faire

When he goes back to Paris, he studies at Panthéon II-Assass. He creates one day a “pizza bag” that is a great creation and this at this moment, in 1998, that the brand Pinel&Pinel is born. He creates Luxury leather objects for smokers, small leather goods and then trunks & chests.

Pinel & Pinel - Brand - Luxury - Luxe - Leather - trunk - Epykomene - Agence de marketing de Luxe - Paris - Savoir Faire

Today, Fred Pinel excels the leather good universe. He creates wonderful and refined pieces: everyday life objects are made in the most wonderful piece of leather respecting in the best way the French know-how tradition: crocodile skin, shagreen & full leather lining are chosen with the biggest care.

Pinel & Pinel - Brand - Luxury - Luxe - Leather - trunk - Epykomene - Agence de marketing de Luxe - Paris - Savoir Faire


The biggest French big & prestigious names are crazy about the brand: Colette, le Ritz, Victoire and the London big store Harrod’s. In 2008, Fred Pinel received the award called Talen d’Or from le Comité du luxe et de la création.

Click here to visit Pinel & Pinel website