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Retro & design at the Ace Hotel – NYC

Ace Hotel New York is a 12-story hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The unique new boutique hotel has 269 rooms and is located near the Theater District.

Ace Hotel reinvents the urban hotel for the people who make cities interesting. We crave experience more than hospitality clichés. We are curious about the historic buildings we inhabit, and let them guide us to someplace both fresh and familiar. Our sensibility is democratic and inclusive. We appeal to a broad spectrum of travelers directly, without reducing everything to the lowest common denominator.

Audrey Kabla

Discover Influencers and Brands partnership with Luxury Students

Today I have the pleasure to introduce you, a project realized by my students in Master 1 Communication et Marketing du Luxe at Sup de Pub within the framework of the class I give Brand Management. Caroline Ausset, Yasmine Chari, Margaux Dumoulin and Estelle Varillon studied the link between Luxury and influencers.

Bulgari Serpenti: The eternal inspiration

Since the 40’s, the snake is the emblematic figure of Bulgari. Symbol of wisdom, life and eternity, the snake is considered as an historical character in several cultures of the world. Between power and dynamism, the snake became, for Bulgari, the object of an eternal inspiration. In october 2014, the new campaign Serpenti unveils an artistic collection beyond the expectations.

AB_ 121

The prestigious know-how of Bulgari is visible in every single creation of the collection.

serpenti3 serpenti2Serpenti1

Precious metals, diamonds and other precious stones are assembled with the delicateness. As a result, the watch becomes a real jewel with a luxury bracelet in its own right. The skin of the snake’s aspect is transcribed with perfection giving to the bracelet flexibility and shine.


The actress Rachel Weisz is the muse of the Serpenti collection.




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